Miss Alyssa Morse

BPsych (Hons), AMusA
Postdoctoral Fellow


Alyssa is a Postdoctoral Fellow at ACACIA: The ACT Consumer and Carer Research Unit. In this role, she works on a variety of research projects that are relevant to and for the benefit of mental health consumers and carers in the ACT. Currently, Alyssa is leading the Understanding Participation project, which aims to understand the current nature of consumer and carer participation in policy and services in the ACT with a particular focus on how the consumer and carer voice is valued, and what the concept of value means to different stakeholder groups in the health sector.  

Alyssa also works in youth mental health research. Most recently, she was the Trial Manager of the Silence is Deadly evaluation, a controlled trial of a mental health intervention for adolescent men run by Menslink in ACT secondary schools. 

Alyssa's research interests include (1) lived experience involvement in research, health services and health policy, (2) empathy, social support, social strain and their impacts on health and wellbeing, and (3) mental health service/intervention design and evaluation. 



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