Dr Cathy Day

Research Manager, Epidemiology for Policy and Practice Group


Dr Cathy Day is the Research Manager for the Epidemiology for Policy and Practice Group in the National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health, and supports research on cardiovascular disease, tobacco control and person-centred outcomes in cancer survivors.

Her PhD research was on marriage patterns in southwest England 1754-1914, focussing on cousin marriage, geographical mobility and illegitimacy, and how these three aspects were inter-related to each other and modified by religious denomination and social class. She retains a strong interest in historical demography, particularly marriage patterns and how these have changed over time.

Cathy has an interest in online education and has tutored and helped develop two of the ANU's Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC): Engaging India in 2014 and Ignorance! in 2015 and 2017. In addition, she created the online lessons for POPH8100 Fundamentals of Epidemiology. Along with Dr Erin Walsh, Cathy developed innovative animations to teach concepts in the Fun of Epi course. Cathy and Erin were awarded a Joint Science Colleges Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, and the ANU Vice-Chancellor's Teaching Enhancement Grant to develop more animations to support student learning. In 2017, they were awarded the Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australia (CAPHIA) Award for Excellence and Innovation in Public Health Teaching.

Prior to joining the ANU, Cathy had an extensive technical and management career in the Australian Public Service in the fields of Defence and Health, and served in the Australian Army. From 2005 to 2012, she pursued a Masters in Applied Linguistics and a PhD in Biological Anthropology whilst living in India, the UK and Australia.


Research interests

  • Biological (Physical) Anthropology160102
  • Applied Linguistics And Educational Linguistics200401
  • Demography Not Elsewhere Classified160399


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