Dr Ella Dilkes-Frayne

PhD (Monash University), BA (University of Melbourne)
Research Officer


Dr Ella Dilkes-Frayne is a Research Officer in the Society, Culture and Health Group at NCEPH. She is involved in a number of research projects at NCEPH including research into pill testing, methamphetamine pharmacotherapy, paid parental leave and environmental contaminants.


Prior to joining NCEPH, Ella worked at ANU’s School of Sociology and Monash University’s School of Psychological Sciences and School of Social Sciences. Ella was awarded her PhD from Monash University in 2016 for her ethnographic study of young people’s party drug use which examined the role of nightlife environments in how events of drug use unfold.


Her work has primarily addressed illicit drug use and concepts of addiction, with projects including:

online drug counselling service provision; experiences of addiction and treatment for livesofsubstance.org; and the social genesis of ‘behavioural addictions’.


Ella’s research interests span social studies of health and medicine, human geography, and science and technology studies. Her research takes an in-depth qualitative approach, informed by actor-network theory and new materialism, to explore the highly situational nature of action and its effects.