Cameron Moffatt

MPH (UQ), MAppEpid (ANU)
PhD Candidate


I have a strong interest in public health and communicable diseases epidemiology, in particular infectious enteric disease. I am a graduate of the ANU’s Master of Applied Epidemiology program and have worked as an epidemiologist with the OzFoodNet network. These experiences have given me an excellent insight into epidemiological, laboratory and regulatory aspects of foodborne and other enteric pathogens. I have been particularly involved at a national level with the issue of salmonellosis and eggs. In 2014 I commenced a Doctor of Philosophy degree at the ANU after being awarded a National Health and Medical Research Council postgraduate scholarship. My thesis examines the clinical burden of Campylobacter infection, particularly outcomes such as hospitalisation and indicators of severe disease such as bacteraemia.


Research interests

Research interests

  • Outbreak investigation
  • Salmonella infections and eggs
  • Campylobacteriosis
  • Infectious diarrhoea


  • Associate Professor Martyn Kirk (primary)
  • Dr Karina Kennedy
  • Professor Cate D’Este


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