Kaitlyn Vette

B Liberal Arts and Science (Immunobiology), M Health Communication
MAE Student


Prior to beginning the MAE I worked for the Australian Government Department of Health where I gained a wide range of experience in communicable disease control. During this time I worked on the national response to Ebola and Zika virus diseases, vaccine safety policy, health emergency management, and on the review and development of national surveillance case definitions and guidelines for public health units.

Another professional focus of mine has been public health communications. I have worked on national health campaigns in both government and non-government sectors and have experience as a technical writer.

I am taking part in the MAE because I am passionate about public health and I would like to build my capacity to contribute to complex population health issues by building my technical skills and gaining unique and practical field-based experience. I look forward to being able to make a meaningful contribution to public health into the future.