Modelling (includes mental models, also see systems thinking)

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Highlights from i2S resources

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Decision making in complex socio-ecological systems: from cognitive maps to agent-based models

Modelling techniques compendium

Highlights from the i2Insights blog

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Why model? by Steven Lade

Designing scenarios to guide robust decisions by Bonnie McBain

Agent-based modelling for knowledge synthesis and decision support by Jen Badham

Sharing mental models is critical for interdisciplinary collaboration by Jen Badham and Gabriele Bammer

Good practices in system dynamics modelling by Sondoss Elsawah and Serena Hamilton

Knowledge mapping technologies by Jack Park

The path perspective on modelling projects by Tuomas Lahtinen, Joseph Guillaume and Raimo Hämäläinen

Complexity and agent-based modelling by Richard Taylor and John Forrester

Should I trust that model? by Val Snow

ICTAM: Bringing mental models to numerical models by Sondoss Elsawah

Models as narratives by Alison Singer

Choosing a model: If all you have is a hammer… by Jen Badham

Modeling as empowerment by Laura Schmitt Olabisi

Modeling as social practice by  Jeremy Trombley

Ten dimensions of integration: guidelines for modellers by Serena Hamilton and Tony Jakeman

Why participatory models need to include cultural models by Michael Paolisso