Research groups

Learning and Development Unit »

The CMHR Learning and Development Unit promotes mental health research, conducts seminars for our stakeholders, and delivers mental health educational programs.
Consumer perspectives

Lived Experience Research Unit »

This unit focuses on promoting greater consumer involvement in research content and practice by serving as a bridge between consumers and researchers.
Mental Health Policy Unit logo

Mental Health Policy Unit (MHPU) »

Our Mental Health Policy Unit supports healthcare decision-makers, executives, policymakers, and advocates to improve health outcomes.
Children accessing the internet on devices

Prevention, Promotion and Educational Systems Unit »

This unit focuses on the prevention of anxiety, depression and suicide and the promotion of help-seeking in educational systems.
Hay fields in the country

Rural Mental Health Research Group »

This research group focuses on the mental health of people living in regional, rural and remote areas in Australia.

Translational e-Mental Health Unit »

This unit focuses on the importance and quality of health information on the Internet and disseminating information on mental health.
Nasser Bagheri VIDEA Lab

VIDEA Lab (VIsual and DEcision Analytics) »

The Visual and Decision Analytics (VIDEA) lab brings together experts from many fields to develop systems to support mental health policy decision making.