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Robyn Lucas

Professor Robyn Lucas receives the Tony Ayers Prize for Excellence in Research in Translational Medicine

Congratulations to Robyn Lucas the 2016 recipient of the Tony Ayers Prize for Excellence in Research in Translational Medicine, established by the John James Foundation in honour of the Foundation's long-time Board member, the late Mr Tony Ayers AC.

Professor Emily Banks wins national award for medical research excellence

Professor Emily Banks has shared a $10,000 prize for her work on a study that focused on whether an episode of the TV show Catalyst led to a drop in the number of Australians taking heart attack medication.
Darren Westphal

2016 Duguid travel scholarship

Congratulations to Darren Westphal who has been awarded Duguid travel scholarship.


Image of Dr Meru Sheel

Public health emergencies during natural disasters: opportunities for operational response and research

1–2pm 20 Feb 2020
This seminar will present an overview of multi-sector health responses during natural disasters.