Project Research theme Status
Integration and Implementation Insights blog (i2Insights blog) Current
A Revisit to On the Mode of Communication of Cholera by John Snow: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Current
Absolute Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk and implementation Current
ACT Asbestos Health Study Completed
Assessing the risk of Salmonella associated with importation of beef Completed
Assessment of potential risks to human health posed by Cypranid herpesvirus 3 Completed
Building a network of leaders in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research organisations Current
Building research integration and implementation expertise Current
Building resources for Integration and Implementation Sciences (I2S) Current
Burden and costs of gastroenteritis Completed
Cancer survivorship: large-scale data on person-centred outcomes Current
Chronic disease and healthy ageing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including tobacco Current
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) Current
Clinical outcomes of Campylobacter in Australia Current
Critical review of major Australian outbreaks of infectious diseases 1991-2015 Current
Cryptosporidiosis in Australia Current
CVD risk, prevention and implementation Current
Dust storms, drought and spatio-temporal patterns in respiratory mortality Current
Early onset mental disorders and education disruption Current
Environmental change and the spread of diseases from animals to humans Current
Evaluation of the outputs of the MAE program: reviewing 25 years of operation Completed
Exploring the Potential of Justice Reinvestment in Cowra - Community Report Completed
Frameworks for Transdisciplinary Research Current
Gastroenteritis and foodborne disease in older adults Completed
How Ebola roared back Completed
Humanitarian research and evaluation Current
Humanitarian training Current
Improving understanding of unknown unknowns to support defence decision making Current
Kids Imaging of Skin for SunSafety Study (KISS Study) Current
Large-scale data to improve Aboriginal child health: seeding success and beyond Completed
Latitudinal gradients in disease Current
Mathematical modelling of Clostridium difficile Current
Mathematical modelling to inform public health policy Current
Mathematical properties of the QQ plot Current
Mayi Kuwayu: the National Study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Wellbeing Current
Measuring mental distress and access to services in the Kashmir Valley, India Current
Mental health across the transition to parenthood Current
Missing data in multilevel models Current
Multiple Sclerosis Vitamin D Metabolites Study Current
PFAS Health Study Current
Pharmacoepidemiology and chronic disease Current
PhoCIS Study (led at Telethon Kids Institute) Current
PrevANZ Study (led at University of Melbourne) Current
Quality and Efficiency in Laboratory Medicine and Pathology Current
Quantifying Mortality Incorporating Multiple Causes of Death: Optimising Data for Policy and Practice Current
Reducing family violence among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities Current
Regression with kernel residual distributions Current
Sample size selection from pilot surveys Current
Seasonal D Eye Study Completed
Seasonal D Immune Function Study Completed
Seasonal variation in vitamin D and its health effects (Seasonal D Study (led at QUT)) Completed
Skin Study Phase 2 (based in South Africa) Current
Small area estimation of health outcomes Potential
Smoking among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults: health impacts, associated factors, and trends over time Current
Smoking and health: large scale data on important outcomes Current
Spatio-temporal modelling of infections associated with antibiotic use (e.g MRSA, Clostridium difficile) Current
Study of Environment on Aboriginal Resilience and Child Health Current
Sun Exposure and Vitamin D Supplementation Study Current
Sun Protection to Improve Vaccine Effectiveness (based in South Africa) Current
Supervisory models for outbreak investigation training in FETP in Asia-Pacific Current
Supporting survivors of gender based violence Current
Surveillance and control of influenza and other respiratory viruses Current
Testing the I2S Framework Completed
The Ausimmune and AusLong Studies Current
The influence of bushfire smoke on health and wellbeing of residents of the ACT region Current
The Population Health Xchange Current
Tracking outbreaks of foodborne disease internationally through Whole Genome Sequencing Current
Understanding the sources of Campylobacter in Australia Current
Using new point-of-care tests to improve outbreak response to epidemic and emerging pandemic influenza Current
Variation in CVD risk, incidence, care and outcomes Current
Variation in fatal burden of disease, preventive CVD care and end-of-life care Current
Whole genome sequencing in Salmonella surveillance and control Completed
Whole-of-population linked data project Current
Work and mental health Current
Working Well, Working Wisely Current