Foodborne Diseases

We identify risk factors, sources, and the burden of disease due to foodborne pathogens to safeguard our food supply and improve disease surveillance.


Microbiological Diagnostic Unit, University of Melbourne

  • Professor Ben Howden

  • Dr Deborah Williamson

  • Dr Mary Valcanis

  • Dr Dieter Bulach

Westmead Institute for Medical Research

  • Associate Professor Vitali Sintchenko

Queensland Scientific Services

  • Mr John Bates

  • Dr Amy Jennison

Massey University

  • Professor Nigel French

  • COMPARE—tracking foodborne and zoonotic disease through Europe using next generation sequencing

  • FERG—Foodborne Disease Epidemiology Reference Group an advisory body of the World Health Organization

  • OzFoodNet—Australian network for enhanced surveillance of foodborne diseases