Body Brain Life – Fit Pilot

The pilot program titled Body, Brain, Life – Fit (BBL-Fit) aims to find out how risk reduction in middle age can alter the development of dementia. BBL-Fit assists middle aged individuals who are at risk of dementia achieve and sustain changes in several lifestyle areas hence reducing their dementia risk-profile.  The pilot study is based on two intervention programs previously developed by the DCRC-EDP research team. BBL-Fit will evaluate in a randomised controlled trial (RCT) where it compares a group that receive the online intervention and face-to-face individualised physical activity and dietary programs, with a control group that does not receive any intervention during the intervention period. If successful, the program could become a versatile, low-cost, intervention package available worldwide to help minimise the development of dementia.

If you are interested in participating in this research and are:

  • Overweight or obese Or
  • Struggling to be physically active
  • Prepared to make some changes to your lifestyle
  • Able to dedicate sometime over 10 weeks
  • Aged between 45-60 years
  • An Australian citizens or permanent residents living in the ACT or Queanbeyan
  • Without diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia
  • Without serious mental or physical problems
  • Able to have internet access

Please contact us on or call Beth on 02 6125 6351.