Canberra Computerised Cognitive Training Trial (the Triple C trial)

The Triple C project is a study funded by Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation and the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre-Early Detection and Prevention. The study seeks to evaluate the effects of an online computer-based cognitive training intervention for older adults with memory decline. The study also seeks to clarify whether older individuals with cognitive impairment who also have mood-related problems can benefit from this type of intervention to the same extent as individuals with no significant mood-related issues.

This intervention is currently being evaluated in a randomized controlled trial (RCT), in which it is being compared to an active control condition. The main outcome of interest is change in participants’ overall cognitive abilities and in their self-rated memory functioning. Other outcomes of interest are the effects of the intervention on measures of wellbeing of the participant and their significant other.

The project began in late 2013 and completed recruitment in late 2014. The trial will be completed by Mid-2015, following which the main outcomes will be published on the CRAHW website.

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