Driving, Ageing, Safety and Health (DASH)

DASH project team

The Driving, Ageing, Safety and Health (DASH) project, is an NHMRC funded project conducted in collaboration with Queensland University of Technology and the University of Canberra. DASH aims to validate a short screening battery for older drivers called the Multi-D which is based on the Multifactorial Model of Driving Safety, a theoretical model of the abilities involved in safe driving and knowledge of age-related changes in cognitive and sensorimotor function. The project also evaluates three other screening approaches including Hazard Perception, Road Rules Knowledge, the Useful Field of View, and the Drivesafe tests. 600 older drivers will be followed for 2 years to evaluate how well a laboratory assessment and an on-road tests predicts driving outcomes. Older adults represent a growing sector of the driving population in Australia, and while driving can be important for maintaining social engagement in late life, age related changes such as cognitive and visual impairment do impact on driving safety. Findings from this research project will enalbe health professionals and licensing authorities to assist in their decision- making regarding the fitness to drive of older adults.

Join our research

If you are interested in participating in this study and:

  • Are aged 65 years or over;
  • Hold a current driver’s license;
  • Are a resident of the ACT or surrounding NSW regions.

Please contact us on crahw.dash@anu.edu.au or on +61 2 6125 1457 / +61 2 6125 1456 to express your interest.