Safe Delivery program (Sierra Leone)

Safe Delivery program

Sierra Leone (2017 - ongoing)

Sierra Leone has one of the world's worst maternal mortality rates. One in 17 women dies during childbirth, devastating families and communities alike. We are working with MSF to understand what enables and what blocks access to effective basic emergency obstetric and newborn care (BEmONC) in MSF's reproductive health programs.

From this evidence, we will implement and evaluate co-developed programs to improve BEmONC quality, coverage, and uptake. Bestpractice training for local doctors and nurses bolsters maternal health support. Our work will halve maternal deaths in Sierra Leone within three years and deliver sustainable change to minimise maternal and newborn deaths long-term.

We will leverage evidence to work with the Sierra Leonean government to implement the program nationally. Our findings will also inform MSF's maternal health programs to transform maternal healthcare worldwide.