Uni Virtual Clinic

The Uni Virtual Clinic (UVC) is an online program for improving university student mental health. Originally developed in 2012-2016, the program provides information and online self-help tools. The Uni Virtual Clinic was developed by researchers at the Centre for Mental Health Research, with funding from the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre.
What makes the Uni Virtual Clinic different to other programs is that it was developed in conjunction with students. Students were involved in all aspects of the design, build, and evaluation of the Uni Virtual Clinic by participating in focus groups and surveys, volunteering to test early versions of the clinic, and providing input and feedback about the content and functionality of the clinic.


The UVC enters a new era: Introducing UVC-Lite!

The UVC-Lite is the latest version of the Uni Virtual Clinic. The original UVC program contained in-depth information, self-help strategies, quizzes, and recommendations on a broad variety of issues affecting university students, including depression and anxiety, coping with stress, procrastination, and perfectionism. We’ve since streamlined the UVC into the UVC-Lite, a program consisting of 12 brief videos that provide tips and strategies for supporting the mental health of students at university.




Want to participate in research evaluating UVC-Lite?

We're currently looking for university students to participate in a research trial evaluating the UVC-Lite program.
If you join the trial, you will be allocated to one of two groups. One group will receive access to 6 weeks of free, brief, bi-weekly mental health videos, and the other group will receive general health modules. You will complete a brief survey before you start, a survey after you finish, and a survey 3 and 6 months after you finish.
Your participation is voluntary and will help us evaluate how helpful these videos are for supporting student health and wellbeing.
This trial is currently open to all students at Australian universities. If you are interested in participating in this trial, click here to read some information and see if you are eligible:

You can also email us at uni.virtual.clinic@anu.edu.au for more information.