Food, water, sunlight and health

Food, water, sunlight and health

Researchers across the RSPH conduct wide ranging, research in foodborne disease, health risks associated with food systems and food practices in Australia and Asia, and the contribution of diet to cognitive health and brain ageing. 

The RSPH also conducts research into the surveillance and control of infectious diseases, especially those that are food- and water-borne in Australia, the region and globally. 

Sunlight is essential to life on Earth and exposure to solar radiation has been a strong evolutionary force. We conduct also research into the health risks and benefits of sun exposure, particularly for immune-mediated diseases


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Project Status
ACT Asbestos Health Study Completed
Artificial shallow lakes, climate extremes, algal blooms and public health Current
Assessing the risk of Salmonella associated with importation of beef Completed
associations between climate, changes in water quality and water-related disease Current
Burden and costs of gastroenteritis Completed
Bushfire Health Survey Current
Bushfire smoke and health protection Current
Clean Environment and Planetary Health in Asia (CEPHA) Network Current
Climate change, heat and air pollution effects on health Current
Climate related risk factors for respiratory mortality Potential
Clinical outcomes of Campylobacter in Australia Current
Conquering schistosomiasis in China – the last mile (QIMR) Current
Cryptosporidiosis in Australia Current
Developing a National Climate Change and Health Policy and Action Plan for the Marshall Islands Current
Does environmental change drive the spatiotemporal transmission dynamics of Echinococcus spp. in Ningxia, China? Current
Environmental change and the spread of diseases from animals to humans Current
Gastroenteritis and foodborne disease in older adults Completed
Getting real about risk: using patient medical records for the geospatial analysis of chronic diseases Completed
Implications of COVID-19 restrictions for climate change and environmental health Current
Kids Imaging of Skin for SunSafety Study (KISS Study) Current
Multiple Sclerosis Vitamin D Metabolites Study Current
PFAS Health Study Current
PhoCIS Study (led at Telethon Kids Institute) Current
PrevANZ Study (led at University of Melbourne) Current
Seasonal D Eye Study Completed
Seasonal D Immune Function Study Completed
Seasonal variation in vitamin D and its health effects (Seasonal D Study (led at QUT)) Completed
Skin Study Phase 2 (based in South Africa) Current
Spatial analysis of risk factors for child stunting and wasting in Myanmar Potential
Spatio-temporal modelling of infections associated with antibiotic use (e.g MRSA, Clostridium difficile) Current
Sun exposure and vitamin D Potential
Sun Exposure and Vitamin D Supplementation Study Current
Sun Protection to Improve Vaccine Effectiveness (based in South Africa) Current
Thai Health-Risk Transition Project Current
The effectiveness, acceptability and cost effectiveness of the 'BALatrine' Current
The Magic Glasses Research Programme Current
Tracking outbreaks of foodborne disease internationally through Whole Genome Sequencing Current
Understanding the sources of Campylobacter in Australia Current
Validation of methods related to sunscreen use in Australian Adults Potential
Whole genome sequencing in Salmonella surveillance and control Completed
Wind, dust and transport of allergens/pathogens Potential