Outbreak Investigation Short Course, Canberra

9 to 13 September 2019

Through case studies based on real-life outbreaks you will gain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to detect, respond and control to infectious disease outbreaks. Experienced public health practitioners will share their stories and lessons learnt in the field providing a practical backdrop to enrich your learning experience.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this short course, participants should have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Devise and execute the necessary steps in a simple outbreak investigation, and be able to support a more complex one;
  2. Compile a line listing, formulate a case definition and draw an epi curve;
  3. Design and appraise analytical studies used in outbreak investigations;
  4. Analyse and interpret outbreak investigation data using Epi Info;
  5. Communicate outbreak investigation findings to a  scientific audience;
  6. Identify appropriate outbreak control measures for important diseases at a local, national and international level;
  7. Describe key pieces of public health legislation and guidelines relevant to outbreak investigation; and
  8. Recognise indicators of a potential disease outbreak.

Who should attend / target audience

The Outbreak Investigation Short Course is designed for people who

  • Have an interest in how outbreaks of communicable disease are investigated and controlled; and
  • Currently work or would like to work in a field where outbreak investigations are undertaken.

It is ideally suited for government employees, health practitioners and NGO employees who want to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills in this field without undertaking a Masters degree or non-award course which would require formal assessment tasks.

Course details

  • Five day non-residential program, non catered;
  • Run in conjunction with students enrolled in POPH8316 Outbreak Investigation, a subject in the Master of Public Health Program;
  • There is no formal assessment; and
  • Active participation in all pre-reading and class activities will contribute to a comprehensive learning experience and a Certificate of Participation will provided.