Yasmin Lisson

MAE Student


Yasmin Lisson is an MAE Scholar working in the Communicable Disease, Epidemiology and Surveillance Section at the Australian Government Department of Health in Canberra. She has a background in Science (Immunology and Microbiology) and a Master of Public Health.  In last few years she has worked on the surveillance of BBVSTIs in Victoria at DHHS and prior to that in Epidemiology and Health Security at WHO Cambodia. 

Yasmin is interested in zoonotic diseases and new emerging infectious diseases, especially those with pandemic potential. Yasmin is undertaking the MAE as she is enthusiastic about combining her love of fieldwork and research to address major public health issues in Australia and our region. 

Outside of work she loves, spending time with her family, exploring new countries (pre-pandemic), going on brunch dates, being outdoors and indulging in wine + cheese.