Everyday Activities for Older Adults Study

We are collaborating with researchers at the University of Adelaide and the University of Edinburgh in the UK and the ACH Group in Adelaide to conduct a study that looks at aspects of ageing and daily living for healthy people as well as those living with stroke and dementia.

Our research project asks simple but important questions about how older people cope with everyday tasks like dressing, preparing food, driving and grocery shopping. While most of us take these activities for granted these tasks can become much more complicated in older age due to a range of factors, including deteriorating physical and cognitive health.

Our study is trialling a new tool that aims to measure the performance of daily activities from the perspective of the person themselves and from the perspective of their friend or relative. Our tool is unique in that it can be self-administered, it is relevant for both healthy ageing adults and those living with an illness or condition, and it has been specifically designed for people with language impairment or communication challenges.


University of Edinburgh, UK; the ACH Group Adelaide; the University of Adelaide