RSPH Data Analysis in Population Health Hub


The Data Analysis in Population Health Hub brings together expertise from across the School and aims to build the capacity of researchers and students. It is a meeting place for sharing methods and expertise in data analysis. We undertake analysis of complex health data using quantitative and qualitative methods, as best suited to the research question. We adapt existing methods and formulate new methods as necessary, to enhance the design of studies and the analysis of data. We collaborate on projects across RSPH and beyond, to ensure that the most appropriate methods are used to answer research questions of interest.

Our research expertise encompasses the following areas

  • Applied Statistical Methods in Epidemiology, including analysis of  large-scale linked data, multiple imputation and multilevel modelling
  • Mathematical modelling, in particular infectious diseases modelling
  • Econometrics, in particular cost-benefit analyses
  • Mixed methods related to survey design and analysis
  • Qualitative methods including focus groups, text analysis and the lived experience of health.

DAPH biostatisticians are responsible for biostatistics teaching in the Master of Public Health coursework, as well as the Master of Applied Epidemiology. They also supervise research at Honours, Masters, and PhD level.

We welcome engagement from "friends" of the Hub - those from other ANU areas and Government Departments. To subscribe to the mailing list, email


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